Mill Creek Dolomite

Producers of high-grade dolomite ideal for glass, roofing materials, and agricultural lime markets.

Mill Creek Dolomite owns and operates a high quality, glass grade dolomite quarry and plant in Mill Creek, Oklahoma.  Although most mined dolomite in North America is used in construction aggregates, the purity and decrepitation characteristics of the Mill Creek dolomite deposit allows for the production of higher value products.

For over 40 years Mill Creek Dolomite has been operating out of our southern U.S. location mid-way between Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Mill Creek sells its products into specialty markets for dolomite, principally the glass, roofing materials, and agricultural lime (“aglime”) markets.  About 70% of Mill Creek’s sales volume is to the glass industry.  Flat glass manufacturers value the purity, low decrepitation, and the consistency of the concentration of calcium and magnesium in Mill Creek’s dolomite.  The filler market, primarily for asphalt shingles accounts for about 20% of Mill Creek’s sales volume and the remaining 10% of sales are to the aglime market.  Mill Creek’s aglime products are soil additives that reduce soil acidity and provide a high purity source of calcium and magnesium for plants.  More information on Mill Creek’s products is available at

Mill Creek is ideally located to serve the large concentration of glass and asphalt shingle manufacturers in Texas, Oklahoma, and eastern Kansas. Almost all of Mill Creek’s product shipments are by truck.

Mill Creek’s plant has been recently upgraded, primarily to expand capacity to allow for increased sales to the glass industry.  Capital improvements included the rebuilding a crusher and the purchase of new mobile crushing and screening equipment.