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Papillon Agricultural

Papillon Agricultural produces and distributes specialty feed ingredients for the North American dairy industry.

For over 30 years Papillon has developed, marketed and distributed specialty feed ingredients to the North American dairy industry.  Papillon’s product lines feature bypass protein supplements, rumen enhancement products, and mineral supplements,  all of which utilize technology that improves dairy herd nutritional efficiency.

Papillon markets its products to feed manufacturers and dairy nutritionists with seven regional sales managers in core markets from the Northeast to the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  Papillon has toll manufacturing and warehousing locations in New York, Ohio, Idaho, and Wisconsin.

Papillon Agricultural Gemini Proteins

Gemini Proteins®

Focuses on balancing for the next limiting amino acid in dairy rations

Papillon Agricultural Dairymens Edge Pro

Dairyman’s Edge® PRO

Targets maximum starch and fiber digestion to augment production of high producing cows



Source of highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium; designed to provide a high capacity of rumen buffering

Markets Supplied

Papillon provides the dairy industry with consistently high-quality feed ingredients